Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Ordering

How can I make changes to my iKonex order?

Simply email us within 12 hours (not applicable to Klarna or Cash on Delivery order). Be sure to include your order number! If you would like to change your design, please also include the URL or name of the new design. Otherwise, if it is the device type, case type, or color that you would like to adjust, please also let us know the details in email. Kindly note that for Klarna orders, no order modifications are allowed(including product details, recipient's name, shipping and billing information) after placed. If a price difference is incurred for higher value product(s) or upgrade in shipping method is required after the order is placed, you will need to settle the payment request sent by our Customer Service team at one go without separate installments. Please note that the additional amount fulfilled by payment request is excluded from membership contribution for CASETiFY Club Program.

How do I know if my iKonex order was placed successfully?

If you have received an order confirmation email from us, your order was placed successfully! You can also log into your account to view your order history and search for your most recent order. If paying by Klarna or Afterpay, Klarna or Afterpay will send you a payment confirmation to the email address that you have used for your order. If you have made a payment but not received the payment confirmation, you can always check the status of your order and payments by logging in to the Klarna or Afterpay's sites.

I’ve placed an order, but it says "On Hold" when I check its status. What’s wrong?

  1. Your shipping address has no street number or suite number, or potentially incomplete.
  2. The photo(s) used in your design had been removed from your social network and we need your help in supplementing them.
  3. Your custom design contains content that potentially infringes intellectual property rights or proprietary rights.
  4. For security reasons, a verification process is required for Cash on Delivery orders (Taiwan and Japan only). Please check your inbox for an email from us and make sure to verify your order by clicking “Confirm” at the bottom of the email, within 30 days from ordering. Your order will be cancelled automatically if the verification process is not completed.

You will always receive an email from us if the problems above happen to your order. So please be sure to check the Spams / Junk folder of the email you registered with us if you have not received such confirmation emails. We will need further information from you before we can process your order.

Why am I not receiving my order confirmation email?

If your registered email address is a Hotmail account, the order confirmation email may fall into your Spams / Junk folder. If you still cannot find your order confirmation email, please email us and we will investigate further.

How do I track my iKonex order?

Sign in to your Account (the one that you made your order with) and click on Track Order. In some instances, carrier's tracking information may only be available in 1-2 business days after the order is shipped.

I’ve ordered a few items but I can’t find all of them. Where are the missing cases?

Please be sure to open up all the boxes first. We normally pack 2 cases in 1 box unless otherwise requested. If you have checked and the case is still not there, please contact us.

How do I shop for a iKonex product?

You may select your preferred item and add it to the cart. Then select the shipping method and wait for it to be dispatched and shipped. Stay up to date on all iKonex promotions to get the best deal on phone cases and tech accessories.

It has been a few months after my order was shipped and the tracking link provided has expired. I’m afraid that my CASETiFY parcel may have been lost. Can I get a refund?

Please let us know within 60 days of purchase if your order is missing. We would be happy to follow up and investigate for you. Further arrangements will be facilitated. No refund for missing parcels if the initial date of such enquiry/request is beyond 60 days of purchase.

Can I apply the online discount in the retail purchase?

No, online and retail discounts are separate.

Does CASETiFY offer free shipping internationally?

Yes, we offer free international standard shipping for orders withtotal value (after discount)HK$279 or above. However, we hope for your understanding that due to the recent epidemic outbreak, courier service companies have announced special working arrangements and further limited their delivery services, therefore standard shipping may not apply to some countries. Please select the location on the checkout page for shipping methods available and shipping costs accordingly.

How do I purchase a gift card?

Check out the CASETiFY Virtual Gift Card section. However, gift card cannot be purchased using Klarna or Afterpay.

Can I use gift cards on the shipping fee?

No, gift cards cannot be applied to the shipping fee.

Does iKonex accept bulk purchases?

Please send us an email here with more details and we will follow up.


Are iKonex cases protective?

iKonex has a huge selection of phone case types and tech accessories that are durable and functional without losing originality.

Do iKonex clear phone cases turn yellow easily?

Our new Clear Case is made from 65% recycled and plant-based material. It protects your tech while maintaining its good looks. The material technology is optimized to prevent yellowing and keep it fresh while its low-profile protection makes it fierce.

How much are iKonex cases?

iKonex's case prices vary depending on the case types and device models. You may click on your preferred design and select your device model in the dropdown box for details. Stay up to date on all iKonex promotions to get the best deal on phone cases and tech accessories.

Are iKonex cases worth it?

iKonex's products are made to order and hand-inspected from corner-to-corner to ensure high-quality products that you can count on. Phone cases made of shock-proof or drop-proof materials are usually test-certified for specific purposes. It depends on the individual's needs when choosing the best phone case for your device. Stay up to date on all iKonex promotions to get the best deal on phone cases and tech accessories.

Are iKonex glitter cases safe?

Liquid Glitter iPhone Cases and Neon Sand Cases are certified for quality and safety. They are made using non-toxic mineral oil and materials, inspected by professionals and have passed all safety tests.

Do phone cases cause overheating?

Phone cases do not necessarily cause overheating. There may be a trapping heat when putting on the phone case, but avoiding having too many applications opened on your device, overexposure to the sunlight and always keeping your device in a cool place can help reduce the risk of overheating.

What are CASETiFY cases made of?

Different cases are made of different materials but mostly contain TPU and PC.

Which cases can I customize?

Please check the full list here. Not seeing the device you have? We may include your device for customization in the future! To stay up to date, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media!

Are your Impact cases transparent or crystal clear?

iKonex Impact cases feature a bumper around its perimeter made out of a two-layer qitech™ material, that allows for shock absorption. The Impact Case comes in different colorways. All colors (except the Matte colors) are semi-transparent on the outer layer but opaque on the inner layer.

Can you please make sure that the background of my case is in Gold/Silver/Space Black/Deep Purple color?

Most of our phone cases carry a transparent background (except for selected case types/full-print designs). Our background color preview solely serves to give our customers an idea of how the designs would look like on iPhones in different colors!

How do I get my CASETiFY case off?

The easy way to remove a phone case is to first lift one side or one corner up from the bottom of the case, then gently remove the case.

Do iKonex cases work with wireless charging?

Most iKonex cases can work with wireless charging. As the thickness of each case type varies, please check the product description or contact us for accurate information.

Are iKonex cases heavy?

The weight of phone cases varies depending on the case types selected as they are made with different materials.

How thick are iKonex cases?

The thickness of phone cases varies depending on the case types you select.

How do I clean my phone cases?

TO CLEAN: use only water and soft cloth to clean. AVOID harsh chemicals and alcohol-based cleaners. To clean the Grippy Case and Plush Case, gently wipe with a towel or wet towel. Please avoid rubbing, washing, and using alcohol, sanitizer, or similar chemicals.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major debit cards and credit cards (American Express (USD), Mastercard and Visa), Apple Pay, Paypal, Klarna (US, UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain only), Afterpay (Australia only), Thailand Online Banking (Thailand only), TrueMoney (Thailand only), JCB (Japan only), Cash on Delivery (Taiwan and Japan only) and GCash (Philippines only).For Taiwan cash on delivery orders with home delivery, you can pay with cash. For pick-up at convenience stores, only cash over the counter is accepted.  

Do you accept AMEX Gift Cards / Visa Gift cards?

When I proceed to checkout, it says “A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed.” What should I do?

Please make sure all information entered is 100% correct and there are no spelling mistakes. Please also avoid short forms of City, and do not include the State information within the City input box. If the details are right but still the payment cannot be made, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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Can I apply 2 promo codes on the same order?

We are afraid that only one promo code can be applied per order.

Can I apply 2 gift card codes on the same order?

2 Gift card codes can be applied together on one order.

Can I apply gift cards and promo codes together on my order?

Gift cards and promo codes can be applied together.

Does iKonex have any discounts or promotions?

Stay up to date on all iKonex promotions to get the best deal on phone cases and tech accessories.

FAQs-Delivery & Shipping

Standard and Expedited Delivery

For standard shipping, orders will be delivered by the national postal service of the destination country. For shipping outside the United States, you might be required to sign on the package to receive the item. Thus, please make sure to enter an address where someone will be available to receive the package during business hours.


For expedited shipping, orders will be shipped using various delivery services, depending on the destination. The shipping fee may vary depending on the destination and the size of your order. Shipping fees and the service provider will be shown upon checkout.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping.

How long does it take before my order gets shipped?

We are aiming to have your order dispatched from our facility within 1-6 business days. However, please bear with us in case we are spending extra time in checking / perfecting your items, particularly during the peak season around the end of the year.

Furthermore, there will be chances that the item that you ordered may run out of stock though we are doing our best to avoid this from happening. We will definitely try to get you notified as soon as possible if that happens.

You may on and off notice during checkout that the estimated delivery time is exceptionally long. This could be due to that some products are currently having nil inventory and restock of the goods is in progress.

Please contact our customer service team if there is any question concerning the time to dispatch.

After the goods are dispatched, how long does it take for standard shipping to deliver the package?

The estimated delivery time displayed on the checkout page includes the preparation time to dispatch and also the shipping time altogether. The delivery time will vary a lot from country to country. In short, the shipping time alone could be around,


For US orders:

6-12 business days


For non-US orders:

5-23 business days


Delivery time is not guaranteed for Standard Shipping as there are a lot of factors affecting its speed, thus we would suggest Express Shipping if there is a date that you would like to meet. The above are estimated time provided by the postal service and do not include the processing time of the Customs in the destination country. In some cases, the local Customs office of your country may require additional documents and time to have your package cleared, and this may also cause further delay on the delivery.

What about the delivery time of express shipping?

For the majority of countries in the world, Express shipping will deliver the package to you within 3-5 business days from the date of shipment. There are occasions that the delivery may take a bit longer. Thus, please refer to the estimation that is displayed on the tracking page of the courier service, for which the URL to that page could be found on the email that our system sends you after the package is shipped.

How can I check my order status?

Sign in to your Account (the one that you made your order with) and click on "Track Order". In some instances, carrier's tracking information may only be available in 1-2 business days after the order is shipped.

How Long will you ship my order?

Orders placed using our standard shipping will be processed within 6 business days.

Please allow extra time for your order to be processed during public holidays and busy periods. Customs and Postal Service may also require extra time to work on the processing / delivery during peak season or before major festivals (e.g., Valentine’s Day). For details on public holidays in the destination country, please refer to the local government website. Please also note that delays may occur as a result of pending payment authorizations.

Why do I have to pay the standard shipping fee for my order?

Free standard shipping is applicable only to orders with total value (after discount) HK$279 or above under normal circumstances, and a flat shipping fee will be required otherwise. Please also note that shipping fee is non-refundable.

Import Taxes & Duties

Some countries may require import tax, duties and related Customs fees for the imports, and the cost is not covered in payments you made to us. These charges, if applicable, are determined and charged by the Customs office of the destination country. For further details of charges, please contact your local Customs office directly.

FAQs-Company & Workshop

Is iKonex an American company?

iKonex is an international brand with a global creative spirit with two headquarters based in Hong Kong and Perth. But we ship worldwide.

I want to join the iKonex Artist Collection to sell my design.

Yes, Please send us the artwork to our Email at Include your portfolio link and your social media accounts.

FAQs-Artwork requirement

I don't have any Instagram or Facebook photos to upload.

No worries! You can use your personal photos to make your case.

Can I have a blank/plain background of the design?

If you wish to have a blank/plain background for your case design, please use the PNG file when customizing your case.

What is the image size/resolution for the photos to upload?

For iPhone cases we recommend to use an image with a resolution of 1000px (w) x 2000px (h) or above, provided a single layout is wanted (e.g. when one image is used to cover the back surface of the case). For iPad cases the recommended resolution is 2400px (w) x 3000px (h). If the image appears to be clear, it means that the resolution is sufficient and the printing result should be satisfactory. You will see an alert if the resolution is too low and will be warned with “low resolution” while making your case.

How to resize/adjust the image?

You can resize/adjust the image by clicking twice on the image.