Why you need E300 to sanitze your mobile?

Mobile is your daily importable tools every day, I use my mobile over 10 hours. 
charting, shopping, reply email, entertainment, face chatting & learning.

How dirty you know? over 25,000 cells within 1 sq.in, this is most dirty than Pet food dash.....

The Mobile also a one of media to transfer the virus from outside to home. 
do you want to bring the virus to your family? will you clean up your mobile everyday? 
1/ Put your phone to tank of alcohol to kill the virus, looks great idea, but I won't and can't believe that my USD1000 phone can alcohol proof? Joke ! 
1/ use over 70% alcohol wipe to clean, looks simple but not 100% clean and damage of screen.
2/ UV-C Sanitze, if you are samsung's phone user, you can bring your phone to their services center to UV-C sanitize, is free, but everyday you can go?

Now you & your family can bath your phone, not only samsung also another brand, you only spend lower cost to let your phone SPA when you are back to home everyday, you can keep it fresh & clean. whole family can be use E300. Beside, the E300 combined the extra feature as wireless / wired charging, just push the phone into E300, this box can help you power up in full, sanitize & killed the 99.99% grems / virus clean.