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  • Compatible with Most Trading Cards: Fit Pokemon, YugiOh, Baseball, Football and other Sport Cards within the dimension of: 2.7" x 3.7". The card sleeves can also be used as a coupon storage book.
  • Each Sheet Store 18 Cards: Well constructed pocket, each pocket can fit 2 cards front & back. 
  • Perfect Protection for Cards: Easily insert cards vertically into the slots and they will stay stay inside securely. Patented manufacturing method ensures pages are made with just the right thickness to protect each card.
  • Transparent Pockets for Display: Super clear, see through every detail and artwork of the trading cards without taking them out.
  • Recommended for Card Collectors: Sheets are made with environmentally friendly polypropene, safe for kids. The pages have a nice touch and each page can be turned with ease.

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