"RFID-Blocking" iPhone Leather Case Y


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Design Code: Y

RFID Blocking Leather case
Did you know thieves can use an $8 device to scan the information from your RFID enabled credit and ID cards right from out of your wallet or purse? Our built-in card slots hold your credit card and block RFID theft! 

Protective Case
Impact resistant, durable materials used for the inner and outer case provide twice the protection against cracks, dings and scratches to keep your phone looking new.

Adjustable Stand
Easily covert your iKonex Case into a stand for watching videos.

What's the Package included: 
1 x RFID Blocking Genuine Leather
2x 9H Tempered Glass
1x MFI Certified Cable (Extra Bonus, USD13)

Free shipping to European, USA, Australia.

Code List 
Model:                           SKU                          Bar Code
For iPhone X             C-IPXY-BR          0739472784278
For iPhone 7/8          C-IP87Y-BR         0739472784285
For iPhone 7/8+        C-IP87PY-BR       0739472784292

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