iKonex "Duramax" Durable USB / Micro USB Cable (2-Cables+Case Pack)

$13.99 $9.99

iKonex Duramax USB / Micro USB Charging Cable, (2-pack Case Pack)

UPC BAR CODE: 739472783547

Specificaation of Cable: 
Type: USB > Micro USB
Connector Materials: Aluminium
Cable Materials: Durable Nylon Braided Cord

Length: 120 cm (4 Feet)
Product weight: 28 grams
Weight: 60 grams
Postage weight: 200 grams
Size: 150x30x30mm

Max Charging Speed: 2.4A

In the Box:
1 x USB / Micro USB Cable in Grey 
1 x USB / Micro USB Cable in Black
1 x Storage Case

1 Year Limited Warranty

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